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Let us tell you a story...

Try to imagine London in an alternative Victorian era. There are flying machines in the sky, the subway exists but runs on steam, like every other means of transportation.

Computers and phones are re-imagined using 19th century technologies, which have continued to evolve without the contribution of oil or electricity.


In the 1980s, three American science fiction writers were the first to invent a world where a different story of technology was represented. They found their inspiration in the novels of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.


In the 1990s, this movement spread to other artistic areas such as fashion, comics, movies, video games.

Artists and the Steampunk universe

Scorsese, Jeunet and Caro, Miyazaki, Terry Gilliam,

Alan Moore, Guillermo del Toro, Jacques Tardi, Christopher Nolan, Avril et le monde Truqué, Wild Wild West,

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Delicatessen, HellBoy2, The Prestige, La cité des enfants perdus and more...

Art / Technology / Cosplay /Jules Verne / Sociology / Journey / Retro-futurism / Do It Yourself / Victorian Era / Science-fiction / Culture / Archives


75 m with short versions for TV
Shot in Canada, USA, Austria, Luxembourg and France

Using both direct cinema and immersive sequences, this poetic documentary gives a voice to people who wants to reinvent themselves and the world with the support of an incredible community.
Their whimsical creations, made from recycled material, question the way we live and consume

in this era of artificial intelligence. The punk side of the movement is in its expression of 'Do-it-yourself' culture.

While the Steampunk movement focuses partly on the past, it also cautions against the growing dehumanization of technology. In an original and often humorous way, the film conveys messages that are strongly anchored in contemporary topics such as planned obsolescence, pollution, overconsumption, robots in the workplace and what the future holds for all of us. Positivism reigned supreme in the 19th century, when people believed technology would greatly improve their lifes.

But is this still true in the 21st century?

In an age when everything seems to be moving too fast,
men and women around the world are reinventing the past...


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